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Modern cheese factory
modern facilities

The new model facilities of Lefkara Farm with the most ideal conditions
are one of the most modern cheese-making centers in Greece. Where tradition and technology are in perfect harmony.


The automation of the traditional yogurt production line and the feta cheese production line are investments to improve and stabilize quality through absolute hygiene.

quality control

From the collection of the raw material and its conversion to a product that reaches the consumer at every stage, strict hygiene rules are applied to ensure an excellent result.

Selection of Raw Materials

From the pastures in our area, we collect high quality milk daily, with high protein content and the lowest microbial load (already before heat treatment), in accordance with the most stringent European standards.

The milk is collected by the producers - breeders, in a refrigerator, with the aim of producing a low microbial load that is maintained up to the company's premises. The milk is collected by automobiles from the company, which keeps the milk at a low temperature.

This means that the milk collected is care-filled milk, a cleaner, more attentive milk. It is the wonderful Greek sheep and goat milk of the rich 
mountain pastures of Kozani.


strict hygiene rules

Machines are housed in the dairy area which, after receiving the milk, start and work as milk 
chain for the production of products. A characteristic feature of the plant in terms of construction materials is the stainless steel that dominates in every part of the dairy area, from machinery and tanks to the space itself. Special tiles in production areas ensure cleanliness and consequently quality of products.


The company follows quality rules, which are in many respects stricter than the regulations and rules imposed by European food law.

It implements an Integrated Quality Management System in the production of its products, which includes business planning, facility maintenance, production and hygiene. This system is based on the principles defined by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) and guarantees product quality and safety.

Lefkara Farm produces products that are distinguished for their high quality, are healthy, safe and cheesy with a sense of responsibility.